SwiftPOS Software

SwiftPOS – Point of Sale Software

Our Point of Sale back office software and touch screen applications is developed by an Australian company (SwiftPOS Pty Ltd) for Australian businesses. We are constantly working together to create a product that is user friendly to all hospitality markets that contains up to date, reliable features which will simply give you more out of your Point of Sale solution. As the software is regularly updated and developed any SwiftPOS software acquisition is nothing short of a business investment that will last a lifetime. It’s a multi-site software solution that can also run in a single site environment.


SwiftPOS Touch

SwiftPOS Touch is the front-end of your business, the Point-of-Sale software. It contains many high-end features such as voucher printing, complex mix and match rules, table tracking and more. Whilst its genesis has been for the hospitality industry, its breadth of features mean that it is equally as powerful in many other industries. In fact, we now have installations into such market sectors as Garden Supplies, Pet Stores, Gift Card Stores and Bottle Shops. SwiftPOS is used throughout BOND university for all their sales.


SwiftPOS Web Store

Swiftpos Webstore allows customers to place their order online. The online web order arrives at the POS or via email. This feature can be configured to force users to pay when ordering, pay when picking up or allow the user to choose when to pay. For businesses using our loyalty system, you can also allow members to use their points as payment. The SwiftPOS Webstore is linked directly to the SwiftPOS Back Office database and will update prices and products automatically.


SwiftPOS Menuboard Pro

Keeping a venue up to date and relevant can be an expensive proposition. With the SwiftPOS Menuboard module, you can display professional looking menuboards that update automatically with price and product changes.


SwiftPOS Mobile

Reduce ordering times by entering orders at the table. Orders are sent directly to the kitchen printer and drinks printer, allowing the waiter staff to move quickly to the next table to provide fast and friendly service. SwiftPOS Mobile can be used on Windows Tablets, Android Tablets, iPads, iPhones and iPods.


SwiftPOS Kitchen Video System

Throw out your kitchen printer and never lose another order again. The SwiftPOS KVS can display up to 30 orders at one time including a summary screen.


Digital Signage

Implementing digital signage across your organisation can reap many benefits.
Aside from attracting attention, digital signage can give you the flexibility of deploying important communications within seconds. It can also influence purchase decisions, increase brand awareness and reduce print costs. It can be used to alter customer behaviour at the point of sale and allow for huge up-selling and cross-selling opportunities.