Existing customers include – Bond Uni,  Griffith Uni,  Canberra Uni & Federation University.

SwiftPOS is the solution for your University point of sale. Centrally manage, control, analyse and review all locations with in a uni from one location in SwiftPOS’s Head Office.

Our University POS Solutions means you can easily compare a individual stores progress against the average of all other stores, see immediate results from promotional and coupon campaigns and run a loyalty systems from Head Office across all stores.

With a range of custom search filters, you can easily search see what is happening throughout the uni based on categories like, customer types, zone, store type or any other filter that relates to university transactions. Ensuring accuracy, SwiftPOS Head Office goes further, recording accuracy in sales information so that correct decisions can be made regarding the university direction.

General Features

  • See immediate results of promotional campaigns and review actuals.
  • Ensure accuracy of sales information so that correct franchisee fees are paid. (Head Office is able to view all individual transactions from the stores and search for any abnormal credits, voids or no sales that could effect the sales data.)
  • Capture any other transaction information from the franchise stores like business overheads for consolidation in the Head Office.
  • Run a Student and Staff loyalty system from Head Office across all stores.
  • Track coupon redemption electronically  to judge the success of different promotions by scanning the coupon bar code as part of the sale.
  • Will scale from small cafe site to support multiple sites within a Uni.
  • Minimal hardware required at a University POS store level to reduce maintenance and support costs with additional information available via any web browser connected to the internet.
University POS